Review: PureVia Stevia Sweetener

Box it up, baby!

It’s been a long time coming, but now, as Stevia sweeteners engage the marketplace, there is something oh so sweet in the air.
Enter: PureVia sweetener.
Made from stevia, by the Whole Earth Sweetener Company, this is a granular version that dissolves easily in liquid and tastes pretty fantastic.
No more lip puckering, bitter stevia taste, now consumers can enjoy these little packets of sweet added to everything, from iced tea to hot coffee, to yogurt, to those flax muffins you’re baking for tomorrow (I peeked in your window).
Ingredients: Erythritol, Isomaltulose, Reb A (Stevia extract), Contains 1% or less of Cellulose Powder and each Natural Flavor.
Word of warning: while the calories are 0, each packet contains 2 carbs, so budget accordingly.
I’m also a little wary of the ingredients. Natural flavor? In a Stevia sweetener? Erythritol?
Still, even with the advent of the addition of a sugar alcohol to the mix (Erythritol), I haven’t noted cravings or any of the other issues associated with sugar alcohols, much the same with other products using stevia (such as Zevia sodas). Still, users should exercise caution should cravings or stomach upset ensue.
A box contains 40 packets of the sweetener, with a stick (packet) acting as a serving.
Distributed by: WholeEarth Sweetener Company LLC.

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  1. scrappylove says

    i have a box of this stuff and I don't know. After using spenda for many years I find that purevia has an after taste.

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