So you fell off the wagon. Tips for success

It may have happened. One fell swoop and the next thing you know, you’ve taken a swift dive into a vat of puddings. You felt guilt, you are now mourning your perfect dieting run, cheat-free up until this moment.

You later realize you didn’t even enjoy the experience and you wish you could take it back. Seasoned low-carbers are aware that for every off-plan munchfest, there is sometimes a two-day turnaround before the state of lipolysis can be achieved again.

That said,here are some things to think about:

1. Are you missing nutrients in your way of eating? The body has a way of craving what it needs when it feels it needs it. If you’re eating a very low-potassium diet, it’s amazing how much the body can crave a banana. We think of it as merely wanting fruit (or sweets), but the body knows what it wants. Make sure you are eating healthfully, exercising, seeing your doctor for questions or concerns, and taking vitamins and nutrients! Lacking in potassium will also cause leg cramps, so pay attention to other physical symptoms.

2. Are you eating enough? Even when we don’t really think about it, feeling hungry, deprived or following a particularly rough patch in your plan can lead to an opposite physiological response. Shake things up by trying some new menus and foods (careful to stick to plan!) Have you tried oopsie rolls or a cauliflower pizza crust to keep cravings for breads and pizzas at bay (because they’re legal with the right recipes)? Expand your horizons. This isn’t a crash diet. This is a way of eating for life.

3. “That time of the month” can also cause issues with blood sugar wooblies causing cravings I know! It’s an ewww for the guys out there, but hormones can cause all manner of cravings. Be aware of cravings and be prepared! Knowing, logically, what the problem is can help you be prepared for the event each month! Remembering that premenstrual issues cause insane cravings, mood swings and discomfort can help you more than going nuts on sugar-alcohols and fake chocolates and candies as the solution.

4. Your fat cells want to hang onto fat for reasons of survival. If you’ve yoyo dieted before, your body might be trying to save for another ‘famine’. The best way to fight this? Show those fat cells you mean business with a one-two pow to the kisser! Sticking to a plan for the long-term will show those fat cells you mean business! A stall, according to Dr Atkins is the result of no inches or pounds lost for the period of more than 4 weeks. Many of the best losers are the slow losers, so never misconstrue slower losses for inefficiency or your plan not working for you. Keep working, knowing that you have ketosis and lipolysis working in your court.

5. You have stressors that you are medicating with food, rather than dealing with appropriately. Easy to say, right? But here goes:

Are you tired? Sleep.
Sngry? Write a scathing letter you never intend to send.
Sad? Cry .

Many times we eat as an emotional response and not a practical one. In eating, we further program out brains into believing the plan that eating is important as a solution, when in the end it only leads to a blood sugar crash, creating worse feelings. And, if you’re like me, think of the other problems you have when you eat too many carbohydrates! I know my legs crawl at night. I get migraines. My nerve endings swell. Are those appropriate responses to a problem, or creating new problems? React to problems and emotions rationally.

6. Are you bored? Nervous? Take action! Find a book or hobby you enjoy. Nervous about something? Take action. Use that nervous energy to accomplish something. It’s surprising how simple, quick tasks can amount to positive feelings of accomplishment. Simply writing down six small things you can do each day (and accomplishing them) will help not only move past boredom, but will remove some of the anxiety in creating movement and activity (and accomplishment).

7. Sabotaging efforts? This could be an issue of feeling worthless, listening to old brain-computer programs telling us ‘what’s the point’? Rewire that thinking to positive thoughts rather than thoughts of frustration and reaction.

Action always beats reaction. Reaction is largely emotional. Action is practical.

What motivates you? Why do you fall off of the wagon now? Honestly answer these questions and you’re well on your way to finding solutions.

8. Was it an avoidable cheat? Did you end up out for dinner for your birthday as every year and expect different results? Holidays and events should be about making memories with people and not eating. The next time people want to take you out for your birthday, choose to go bowling instead of out for pizza! You all get exercise, and enjoy memories rather than feeling sick the next day from ‘carb hangover’. With so many recipes available to help you stick to plan, find a way to enjoy those foods you like without giving in to processed starches and sugars. The recipes are out there. What foods do you miss most? Locate them (or let me know what you’re looking for and I can help).

9. Have you been feeling unusually emotional? Did you know that estrogen is released when fat is burned? A lot of people don’t know this, and can’t attribute emotional response to a temporary physiological phenomenon. So, if you are feeling emotional and ready to give in the towel, your estrogen is talking to you! Give her a hug, point and yell, “LOOK! George Clooney!” and run the other direction.

10. Plan. What causes the cheat? Plan ahead for the next possible problem area. Always have a plan. Keep note cards with strategies for all of the reasons you ever fall off the wagon. When you feel helpless and your brain isn’t functioning the way it should in those circumstances, draw out the card that gives you ideas for ways to avert a binge. It works!

Planning and thinking before acting can make a huge difference on your way of eating.

Pictured: That delicious-looking chocolate confection in a picture? Legal, gluten-free and yours. Recipe is coming tomorrow. Who says this way of eating isn’t perfectly and deliciously decadent?

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