Spring cleaning for your low-carb home

You might be the only one in your home following a low-carb regimen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make healthier choices for others living in your home.
In honor of spring cleaning, here are some quick things you can do to ensure your family is eating more healthfully–even if not low-carb:

  • Get rid of: Open containers in the refrigerator that have been around for awhile, and especially if they include corn syrup solids.
  • Replace with: Products that are organic. If containing sugar, it’s not optimal, but it’s still arguably healthier.
  • Get rid of: Spices containing sugar or MSG.
  • Replace with: Products whose ingredients are obvious by scanning labels. Watch for products with hydrolyzed soy protein, which is, to many, a fancy way of saying “MSG”. These chemicals can trick the brain–and the blood stream.
  • Get rid of: That tomato soup in the cupboard that contains corn syrup.
  • Replace with: Home-made tomato soup from tomato paste. (Recipe coming tomorrow)
  • Get rid of: That whipped topping that contains corn syrup
  • Replace with: Fresh whipping cream and a touch of stevia sweetener.
  • Get rid of: Regrets
  • Replace with: A pat on the back. Small changes take time, but they end up creating big rewards in the end!
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