Surviving Office Parties

Low-carb options from acauliflower base
The boss brought you pizza to celebrate the impending weekend. Now, everyone noshes and looks at you out of the corner of your eye as ooey gooey cheese snaps from saucy crusts.
It’s hard to feel like an outsider.

Man is a providing animal, giving food for comfort and celebration. So, while you may be following a plan which doesn’t include pizza crust or other processed carbohydrates, when someone provides, it may be taken as a slight not to partake in some way.
Worried? Don’t be. You can still be involved in office parties and pizza days without wandering from your waistlines.
1. Scrape and scrap. Scrape the toppings from pizza and toss the crust. The toppings contain fat, protein, calcium and antioxidants, far healthier than the flavorless starch that comprises the crust. Feeling full faster with no cravings later makes this a worthwhile effort.
2. Bring the fresh vegetable tray. Contain some of the damage by bringing a fresh veggie tray from your local supermarket. Bring your own high-fat dressing to supplement the low-fat, high carb ranch the store will most likely include with the bounty of fresh, crunchy produce love.
3. Pick and Choose. If sandwiches are on the menu, keep face. Open up the bread and eat the meat and cheese instead, rolling them up and enjoying them as any buffet afficionado might.
4. “Surely, one bite can’t hurt you…” As anyone knows, it only takes one bit to cause blood sugar to come crashing down on our slimming shores. Fight the urge to be polite and don’t take that bite. If you must, push food around on the plate to make it appear sampled (it worked for Jenna Jameson, who looks well-sampled) and then toss the food when the coast is clear.
5. Talk to the (drink in the) Hand. If you keep a beverage in that well-manicured mitt, you can feign indifference towards food, and stay hydrated at the same time.

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