Three reasons to fall back into low-carbing for autumn

Fall into good habits now source
Autumnal equinox. Summer is over and those bikinis are back in the closet and have been exchanged for mukluks.
So why make the effort?
1. Low-carb is always in season. Weight loss is one of many positive side effects of a low-carb lifestyle, but never the only reason. When you perform better without processed foods (and processed carbohydrates), and your health care professional is supportive of your positive lifestyle changes, it makes sense to stick with the delicious status quo.

2. Prepare for the upcoming holiday season. It’s not merely enough to have lost weight or to adopt healthier eating habits, especially when older ones come back to haunt us. In the past we noshed, snacked and gained our way through myriad celebrations which span from September to December 31. This year, be prepared now. Plan ahead.*
3. Coats and bulky clothes. What better time to melt away than when not every bulge and bump is shown in sleeveless tees and short shorts? Spend these colder autumn and winter months transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly through exercise and positive eating habits, and emerge next May a new you!

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