Tips for not stuffing yourself at Thanksgiving

Loaded low carb yams are a great option instead of potatoes

Thanksgiving, with its celebration of bounty and food is a favorite of Americans, with millions of tables being set across the country with lip-smacking amounts of food.

Here are some kitchen tips to keep cooks from diving face-first into the gravy boat:

1. Don’t sample cooking while cooking. While it might be tempting to grab a pinch of this, and a spoon full of that, those calories and carbs add up. Taste as necessity dictates, but don’t make the assumption that because it was consumed while wearing an apron that its calories and carbs slipped down your elbow.

2. Make healthier versions of old mainstays. Thanksgiving didn’t originally include pumpkin pie and biscuits. Your menu need not either. Look for stuffings made from low-glycemic load items, and make the cranberry sauce without sugar this year.

3. Giving thanks… for a great waiter. If it seems that leftovers and the food preparation this year could well kill your waistline, prepare for fewer leftovers by taking dinner on the road to a local restaurant serving holiday fare. You’ll still walk out satisfied, but without worrying about caving into an entire pie later in the afternoon.

Wondering if there are restaurants near you which will be open for Thanksgiving? Check here!

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