Tools of the Trade: Mini Wilton Cake Pans

This produces a 4.25″ cake, slightly larger than a muffin top pan

I found these small, non-stick baking (mini-cake pans) at Super-Target. You can also find them at Super-Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, other home goods stores, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. I’ve even located these beauties in King Soopers (a Kroger family store).

Very easy to use, and living up to their name, these come in (I believe) packages of 3 for about $4. I keep 6 around for making the gluten-free recipes uniform, but for filled donuts, the decadent chocolate cake, and other applications, these are so functional, you’ll probably wish you had twelve.

Care and feeding of pans: To wash the non-stick pans, do not use anything scratchy (no scrubby pads or hedgehogs) for cleaning. The surface will mar. Use a soft cloth and dish soap. Do not immerse pans in water or allow them to soak. Store with a piece of soft paper towel (or napkin) between pans to keep them from scratching one another.

These are non-stick, so heed this warning: If you use a non-stick spray, many times the item will end up sticking, producing the opposite effect. I have made dozens of food items in these pans without any issues with sticking whatsoever (unless I let the item cool in the pan for too long–then it stuck).

NO metal utensils should come near these, lest you hear the high-pitched shriek of your mother coming to club you with a slipper.
Tip: Can’t find these small pans, or don’t have room to store pans? Non-stick muffin top pans are a decent substitute for many of these recipes, and make 6 per metal sheet.

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