Tools of the trade: The crock pot

Nothing is more delicious than coming home at the end of the day to a slow-cooked chowder, soup or stew.

While in the past, this kind of quality meal came in the form of hours spent over a stove, bringing out flavors in dishes, now the same success comes in the form of the crock pot.

Easy to use, practical and economical, crock pots come in various sizes for various applications. Make everything from stuffings, to pulled pork to taco soup in the time it takes to assemble the ingredients, read the instructions and set the temperature.

Crock pots vary in size, from small (for two) cooking, to vast bowls meant for families of 6 or more.

This Hamilton Beach crock pot is my favorite ‘stay at home’ solution to not knowing which size bowl to use. I say stay-at-home, because it’s easy to see there’s no way to adequately secure the lid as with some of the other crock pots. Still, despite this, this is a crock pot that won’t leave you stewing. Choose the size of the bowl needed (2, 4 or 6 quart) for your meal, and you’re off and running. The heavy ceramic bowls are sturdy and can be used for everything from soups to fresh fruit.

Problem? The bowls are heavy and this is not easily transported. the last thing you need is a car filled with soup. As well, choose too large a bowl, and your meal will probably overcook.
Average cost: $59. for sale at Walmart and
Going on the road? Travel crock pots are now available too! Just plug this Travel Pro crock pot into a 12 volt source and you can enjoy hearty meals in your RV or at your camp site.
The bowl is pretty small, only a quart, so if you plan to feed more than yourself and your road warrior companion, you might want to look at one of the larger models.
This crock pot retails for around $39.

Regardless of the reason or the season, with so many possibilities, why not invest in a little counter space?

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  1. shawntelle says

    Have seen the new crockpot that is family sized AND you can secure the lid to transport and it won't spill in your car, on the seat, nothing!! Love it! It is not expensive either! only about $29 bucks!!

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