Tools of the Trade: The Iced Tea Maker

After grudgingly giving up a 24-year addiction to Diet Coke, I felt a sincere lack of caffeinated beverage enjoyment.
Enter: Mr. Coffee.
No more the coffee maker of the 1980’s, this new item is quick, easy to use, and has been worth the low $19.99 cost at the local Super-Walmart.
The savings are fairly profound as well. Three litres of iced tea costs quite a bit less than the standard 2-litre of store-bought soda.
The machine has various settings for a strong versus weak pot of tea, and the ability to alter tea bags makes for different tea flavors.
Speedwise, the average brew time for a pot of tea is roughly 5 minutes.
Getting the most from the machine:
1. Buy coffee filters, because none are supplied with the machine. They need not be Mr. Coffee brand.
2. Re-use tea bags. 7 tea bags seems like a great amount to throw away after every brewing, so don’t. Reuse your bags for a second pot as soon as your first is finished brewing. Waiting a significant amount of time between brewing or allowing the bags to dry out will yield a weaker product, so be sure to use them again right away.
3. Quick-brew. Feel like you need more tea at a time for company? Don’t buy a second tea maker. Instead, keep a 3-quart pitcher at the ready. Immediately pour the tea from your pot into the pitcher and brew another right away.
4. Nozzle check. Be sure to check the front nozzle occasionally for blockage. Otherwise, occasionally the tea may backflow and leave your counter steeped in black tea.

5. Scold mold. Throw away wet filters and bags post-use, as the moisture may cause mold.

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