Unsweetened Iced Tea

Be cool!

While it is still warm, cool down with the enjoyable undertones of unsweetened, iced tea. The caffeine is a welcome friend, but the ingredients are natural, enjoyable, and refreshing.

Unsweetened, Iced Tea (for the 3-quart iced tea maker)
7 regular (black) tea bags
Cold water
Add requisite amount of water to the included iced tea pitcher. Pour into the tea maker reservoir. Insert basket, liner and tea bags. Fill pitcher to line with ice.
Steep at full strength.
Makes 3 quarts tea.
Add lemon or stevia to sweeten.

Unsweetened, Iced Tea (on the stove)
7 regular (black) tea bags
8 cups cold water
Boil water on stove either in kettle or an open pan. Add tea bags and allow to steep for 3-5 minutes. Pour into a pitcher filled with ice.
Makes 2 quarts iced tea.
Add lemon or stevia to sweeten.
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