Valentine’s Day Mini Pizzas

Say you love me with these healthy, fun mini pizzas. These are made using the oopsie rolls

Using Oopsie rolls as bases or small circles fashioned of cauliflower or zucchini pizza dough, cute and festive food for the Day of Love has never been easier!

Just make, cut the pepperoni into hearts to garnish, and serve up the fun…and the love.

This recipe is induction-friendly and gluten-free.

Valentine’s Mini pizzas
6 Gluten-free rolls
pizza sauce*

Spread scant amount of sauce on each roll. Top with mozzarella cheese and then arrange pepperoni and any extra toppings. Place under the oven broiler for 2 minutes on high, or until cheese is bubbly.

*Choose the best pizza or spaghetti sauce based on least amount of carbohydrates per serving. I buy the Wal-Mart brand (Great Value) pizza sauce, and find it perfect, at only 4 carbs per quarter cup.

Makes 6. Nutritional information will vary according to the crust used.

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  1. i'm so excited! thank you so much for these recipes!! im about to start maintenance for the hcg diet and i thought i was gonna be eating veggies and fruit forever! this is wonderful!


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