Ways to drink more water

It’s not easy to drink 64 ounces of water a day, and you might not have to think of this task as one that is impossible.

Try these tips for getting more water:

1. Take a shot of water ever 30 minutes. A four ounce glass of the clear stuff every 30 minutes is not like staring down a large glass.

2. Drink more tea. While not every glass of liquid should taste like rosehips, tea is fairly innocuous in terms of beverages. Skip the sweeteners and the caffeine when you can, and enjoy nature’s bounty in the form of tiny steeped leaves giving your tastebuds a hug.

3. Chill. Try water in different forms, from crushed ice to snow cones. If you need flavor, add some herbal tea, or make ice cubes to be crushed or shaved from your favorite tea flavors.

4. Concessions. If you just can’t give up your diet sodas, try this instead: for every 8 ounces of soda, drink 8 ounces of water first.

5. Exercise. Take advantage of the thirst that exercise creates, and drink your water!

Tip: At the fast food drive thru picking up your Caesar side salad? Skip the bottled water. At well over a buck a pop, if you can’t get a cup of the stuff, you’re better off pocketing the funds and getting a tall glass of the cold stuff at home or at work.
Tip: Skip expensive beverages in the restaurant. If you’re going out for dinner, you could easily save upwards of $18 if a family of six skips the soft drinks and orders the water. The food is so flavorful, why not temper with a glass of the cool stuff?
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  1. Tip for drinking large quantities of water: Drink water with a straw.

    If you just drink straight from a glass, the breathing process is interrupted. The brain may get triggered to "survival", ie. "I can't breathe. STOP what you're doing NOW!". It can set up a pattern of reluctance to drinking.

    When drinking with a straw, you bypass that mechanism because you can breathe while drinking.

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