World Nude Day: Look better naked with low-carb

If only I nude now what I nude then.

The things you find out when you thought every option for a holiday has been entertained.
People with bad eyesight rejoice! There can be no qualms on a day where participants around the globe are encouraged to share their own (globes, ahem).
Here are some tips to looking good while celebrating Nude 2009.
1. Leave your clothes on. I mean really. I saw my grandma naked once.
2. Caveat: Robert Pattison is welcome to comply with Nude 2009. So long as there are photographs.
3. Follow a healthy weight loss program, filled with fiber, fruits, vegetables and other vital nutrients a body needs to remain healthy and supple. I’m partial to low-carbohydrate eating, myself.
4. Drink your water. Skin looks best when hydrated.
5. Exercise. Nothing tones those muscles like healthy activity. Never show a full moon unless those glutes have been doing more than spreading out in a chair.
And, who knows? While it may be some time before Hallmark comes out with a card commemorating yet another holiday, where would you keep the card anyway? Naked people don’t have pockets. Or somewhere to keep the change to purchase the card, for that matter.

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