Book winner!


A lot of you entered, but only one can win.

That’s like a line from The Highlander. Only without the accent. And maybe a little less violent. Unless someone hits you with a book.

The name of beautimousness was drawn from a bowl of names cut apart from the cloth of gmail…

Congratulations, B from Illinois! I will be shipping the book out to you right away.

Thanks for entering everyone!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Congratulations to B! Such a nice surprise for them.

    Ok I didn't actually post just to congratulate the person but I didn't want to be THAT person who left a completely off topic comment. I'm a long time reader, first time commenter. A friend of mine is interested in starting low carb so I brought up your Examiner page and discovered you have returned here (and thank goodness, I wasn't too thrilled on them). I know I haven't visited in a while but I'm confused as to where all the recipes have gone. I saw a post saying there were back but I'm missing the recipe list. Is this a problem on my end?

    – Mary

  2. Lose Weight Quick says

    Hello cleochatra,

    what a geat blog you have here.. i have got family coming down in the next couple of weeks, and thought i would cook some nice healthy dishes for us… your blog has given me some great ideas thanks

  3. Anonymous says

    where is carberella?

  4. CookinsForMe says

    Cleochatra, where are you? I miss your blog entries!

  5. Hope you are doing well. I've always loved your blog. I've started a new one so let me know if you would like the new address.


  6. I miiiisssss you!!!! Where arrrre you??

  7. oh darn i got here to late to win a book!!

  8. I have a hard time finding your recipes! Have you written a book I can just buy?

  9. Missing your wit and wisdom… hope all is well!!!

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