Want to win a copy of the Eades’ latest book?

That’s right!

The name who made Protein Power a household way of life is about to release their latest book, The Six Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle.

Want to win a copy? Email with your name, address and “Eades me”! in the subject line. I will draw the winner the day the book releases, September 6, 2009.

Stay tuned for my review of their book, coming soon…

As per always, all personal information is deleted as soon as the contest has ended to protect your privacy.

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  1. Hi Cleochatra,

    Just wanted to let you know… posting your e-mail on your blog will likely attract loads of spam. One tip to avoid this, try pasting a image inplace of the text. Obviously the image should have your e-mail written on it 😉

    Hope this info helps 😀 Keep up the good blog too.

  2. Love the blog.

  3. this is a question from an older post but is riced cauliflower just exactly what you said… you cook it cool it and shred it and don't pack it and use it in place of flour?
    ebeccra at gmail dot com

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