Grass Fed Beef not Immune to E-Coli

I’m a major lovah of the beef wot is grass fed. It tastes better, it is more natural, and it packs a greater punch in terms of nutrients.

When it comes to e coli, we thought we knew about cattle not raised on grains might not necessarily be true according to’s article “Beware the Myth of Grass-Fed Beef“.

In other words, use common sense, prepare your meat for the best possible outcome, and be aware that foods like hamburger jerky, even when made from ground beef that is grass fed can be a risk you might not want to take.

More information about preventing e coli:

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  1. Every link in our food chain needs to be protected, and everybody has a role to play, from government food inspectors to the cooks and food handlers. This will always be an area that needs attention.

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