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Cici’s Pizza Bowl of Slap Happy

Ever end up going somewhere because it's your kid's birthday and she says she has to have their macaroni and cheese pizza or she'll just DIE? Try telling that face no. I dare you. Couldn't do it, could you? If you could, you have even more of a … [Read more...]

Score of the Week: Laura’s Chub Packs

You love grass fed. You covet grass fed. But grass fed is so expensive, you had to choose between eating and not bouncing checks. Enter Laura's Lean round Beef Chubs. And while chubs sound like what you call your thighs, it's a cheap way to score … [Read more...]

All the Fage

I've always been reticent to try Greek yogurt, or yiaourti if only because the thought of thick, gelatinous cow boob products just sounds painful. Enter fage. I hated the stuff at first, the thicker-than-sour cream and Ted Koppel's hair where … [Read more...]

New Page on Facebook

This blog now has its own page at Facebook. <--link goodnessWe might not get more fans than Nickelback or "the pickle" versus Nickelback, but it's a great way to meet other low carbers of all differing plans.Come on over and be a part of the fun … [Read more...]

Reuben Wrap Melt

A mouthful to say and pretty ding danged fricken awesome, it's simple and quick. It's not only more filling than Lisa Rinna's lip collagen injections, it's zippy. It's zesty. It's so spicy, you'll think Antonio Banderas blessed it himself. And at … [Read more...]

Creamy Strawberry Smoothie

I am usually a grab and go girl. The quicker breakfast can be for me, the better. Eggs become dull, and I like to drink something cold to help wake me up (probably residual Diet Coke habit). This recipe has been a hit at my house, and on those crazy … [Read more...]

Redesign my Wiener!

 image from According to some crack-smoking pediatricians, hot dogs should be reshaped to keep kids from choking on the coolest shaped food ever. Just rip those hearts out of our chests.Seriously? I mean really? If we changed … [Read more...]

Bacon Meatball Croquets

OK, so these are really the bacon cupcakes from another entry, but that sounds a little bit misleading, since the bacon is really just the cupcake wrapper and the meat is the filling.  This is a savory dish which could serve as part of a main course, … [Read more...]

What's Your Beef?

You know, I hear a lot of debate about ground beef. I just have to say that I don't really care these days much about the arguments regarding omega 3's and natural eating, antibiotics and lesser chances of e coli in the meats (which we now know isn't … [Read more...]

Be My Valenswine

 courtesy of trendhunter.comMeatier than even Taylor Lautner, nothing says Valentine's Day like sticking pork rosettes on bits of wire and saying, "Will you be my Hormel Hottie?" Who can compete with a dozen moments with nature's perfect meat … [Read more...]

Study Your Diet: The Test is Your Success

 photo courtesy of Ooh. Wise title words from the chick who couldn't move her blanket because she was laying on it, so she covered up with her wisdom instead. OK, well, actually I (I mean she) stole hubby's blanket, too.So you have … [Read more...]

Meat Birthday Cake

Yes, you heard right. Put away your Heidi Montag plastic surgery looks of astonishment and behold the glory that is the Three Layered Meat Cake. If you're wondering what to give your loved one for their birthday, and you know they're hugging … [Read more...]