Cici’s Pizza Bowl of Slap Happy

Ever end up going somewhere because it’s your kid’s birthday and she says she has to have their macaroni and cheese pizza or she’ll just DIE?

Try telling that face no. I dare you. Couldn’t do it, could you? If you could, you have even more of a no-heart than Nancy Pelosi. That means you’re colder than the polar ice caps and Susan Boyle’s glare when she found out she lost Britain’s X-Factor.

Even though there’s nothing natural about macaroni and cheese on a pizza (it’s the color of Corey Haim’s 1980’s hair), you can head to Cici’s and eat your ever loving low-carb heart out.

Here’s how: Go to your local Cici’s, push past all the emo kids, pay for your meal as you walk in the door, walk to the pizza line… and request a pizza bowl. Say you need something crust free. They’ll ask you which toppings you’re jonesing for. Make sure you leave off the pineapple, red sauces and the sugary schmootz, but defs ask for everything else that you want.

They’ll hand you the white cone (I think that’s code for ‘uptight ho needs her some delicious’) of preciousness, and within 10 minutes, you’re fork deep in an eight in wide bowl of righteous stylin’ full-on food.

The little number above has mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, onions, green peppers, spinach and cheese. It was so filling that even 6 hours later I’m still stuffed. I had one of their amazing side salads with it and felt like I had something so sinful my waistline should slap my face–but it didn’t.’

Now I want to terrorize every pizza joint the way the Big Lebowski did the pins at the local alley: One big bowl at a time.

Thanks to the hottest ever Jann for the pizza bowl tip.

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  1. omg i want to try this..but..did you ask for no sauce?

    • I told them no dressing (mine like to sauce it up with a little dressing) and just a scant amount of tomato sauce. So definitely add sauce, but make sure they’re not adding in some questionable sauce, too.

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