What's Your Beef?

You know, I hear a lot of debate about ground beef.

I just have to say that I don’t really care these days much about the arguments regarding omega 3’s and natural eating, antibiotics and lesser chances of e coli in the meats (which we now know isn’t necessarily true, depending on how the cows go from farmyard to the stores) when it comes to ground beef. We can argue those points all the live long day.

Hang all that. Grass fed beef just tastes better.

I have never had a grain fed ground beef that was anywhere near the quality of a grass fed beef. This isn’t to blast those ranchers who feed their herds grains, but I’m sorry. I know it’s supply and demand. It’s economy. We get it. We do. But the grain fed beef lacks flavor and a joie de vie that grass fed inherently boasts.

The cost can be an issue no doubt. After all, we’re talking exponential prices for the stuff of meatballs and hamburger patties. Still, we’re talking flavor. Sauces can cover the lesser meats, but to truly enjoy a quality ground beef, there’s just nothing finer than grass fed.

Shop these places for the best prices. Know of any other outlets? Let me know! I’m turning comments back on, but with a spam filter. I couldn’t take any more blog spam.

WalMart (Discontinued and how I want to kick them in their backsides for this)
Super Target (Generally cheaper than Kroger)
King Soopers/Kroger (Keep and eye out for their half price sales. This is when I stock up)

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