Andouille: Your new favorite sausage

I first met eyes with andouille when I had a meat pizza at an Old Chicago restaurant. Sliced on an angle, and scattered around my pizza, we found a quiet corner and I scarfed it without apology.

Then, recently, at the store, I spied these babies after months of literally searching for the awesomeness.

Saag’s makes a spankload of flavors, but I tend towards the Andouille because it can be used for so many things, from Italian Nachos, to pizzas to brats.

There are only four in a pack, but it is the amazeballs for deliciousness and worth it.

I wanted to photograph the back label because when cooking I tend to toss the labels and then have to dig through the trash to find it again.

How glamorous.

Of course, now I see you can’t read the label anyway, so the whole photography thing didn’t quite achieve the desired effect, now, did it?

I can see they’re gluten-free.

Calories-wise they’re pretty cheap, and they’re only about 1 carb per, so they’re so worth the effort. I just toss them into the cast iron grill pan for a few minutes on each side to achieve those grill lines, and they turn out perfectly every time.

Be careful not to overcook these babies, or the skin becomes tough, but with a Ginsu, you can make your vinyl car top look like new.

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