Daylight Savings Tips


Daylight Savings can either be a woohoo moment or one of those that just took the support out of your brassiere (or your briefs). Either way, we’re stuck with the seemingly constant jostling of time back and forth like someone who’s just had botox… that just expired.

And thus, we come to Spring, and “Spring ahead”, and any other euphemisms for less sleep. What are some ways you can keep on top of your healthy eating and exercise routine without diet damage?

1. Seek enough sleep. It sounds obvious, but we’re so used to staying up for that extra hour that going to bed an hour early doesn’t feel right. People who sleep feel better. So don’t be difficult. Slap on the face cream at the usual hour (even if the time is different) and get your snooze on.

2. Watch the caffeine. I mean really. Compensating with excess Mr. Coffee romantic interludes will help with that initial boost of energy, but chances are you’ll also experience some cravings if you’re shooting that much stimulant into your system. Stick with your usual coffee. Your adrenals will thank you.

3. Curb the cravings. Tired bodies usually means lesser capabilities when smacking away the Krispy Kremes. Don’t let lethargy be the reason you woke up face first in a Jello Pudding bath. If tired, take a nap, write an angry letter to Ryan Seacrest for his Oscars red carpet performance, go for a walk. Don’t cave to your body’s want for some quick energy in the form of a nougaty bar of chocolate sugar rushing momentary happiness. It will only result in being more tired later.

 Eat plenty of healthy, whole foods, exercise, drink enough water, and you’ll find that while it’s annoying to try and send yourself to bed while there’s still sun, you’ll be happier when waking up before it the next day.

What are your tips for getting through the time change?

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