New Atkins for a New You Reading Group

Looking to get your mitts on the latest Atkins iteration, but not sure what to do with it once you get it, due to your busy routine?

Look no further than to your buddies at The Lighter Side of Low Carb Facebook page for some fun times, witty comebacks, and interesting discussions. We’re going to delve into the latest book, chapter by chapter, and discuss the new science behind a plan that’s been around for decades and might make you ask: What’s different? Is it better? Will Atkineers find greater success with the varied approaches to the New Atkins? Should I buy the book? 

To sweeten the deal, is also giving a $3 rebate back to people for purchasing their book. Check it out here.

We begin the reading group April 5th, so come on over, with or without the book, and we’ll have some monstrously good times getting to know the men behind the new Atkins and what the future of the most famous low carb diet plan in the Universe holds for you.

And if we have a great time, why not more reading groups? It’s like accessorizing. You can never have too many amazing plans in your closet. I mean shoes. Oh heck. I mean both. Any books that interest you that you want to share with delicious people?

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