Archives for March 2010

Cast Iron Skillets: My Kitchen Must-Haves

Surprisingly nonstick, easy to clean, keep and a favorite prop in "Throw Mama from the Train" cast iron is my choice when it comes to cookware.I have at least 6 cast iron pots and pans. Do I need six?Does Brittney Spears need so many hair weaves? My … [Read more...]

Andouille: Your new favorite sausage

I first met eyes with andouille when I had a meat pizza at an Old Chicago restaurant. Sliced on an angle, and scattered around my pizza, we found a quiet corner and I scarfed it without apology. Then, recently, at the store, I spied these babies … [Read more...]

Versatility and the Egg

How I love thee chicken ova... I nomf on some scrambled eggs, especially when they're light and fluffy and contain crunchy things (not the shells). Quick to cook, try making extra for lunch, too, since it reheats like a champ for very few carbs-- … [Read more...]

This Just in: Kitchen Table Bakers Pamersan Wafer Crisps are Awesome

Kitchen Table Bakers is no stranger to accolades. Their solid Parmesan cheese gourmet crisps have not only been presented with the gold sofi in the Diet and Lifestyle Category at the 37th annual red carpet sofi award ceremony in New York last year, … [Read more...]

I can talk!

I've been asked to interview before, but two things I am not: a size four and at ease on the phone. Let's face it--Phone interviews with me aren't pretty. I tend to spaz, almost throw up, and regret most of what falls out of my mouth. I'm Mel Gibson … [Read more...]