This Just in: Kitchen Table Bakers Pamersan Wafer Crisps are Awesome

Kitchen Table Bakers is no stranger to accolades. Their solid Parmesan cheese gourmet crisps have not only been presented with the gold sofi in the Diet and Lifestyle Category at the 37th annual red carpet sofi award ceremony in New York last year, Rachel Ray has featured these delightful dainties three times as her snack of the day.

A hefty crisp as 3″ across, these crackers come in nine gluten-free, low carb flavors. Right now I’m enjoying the “Everything Parmesan Crisps” which contains only: Pasteurized Part Skim Milk, Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Garlic, Minced Onions, Cheese Cultures, Salt, and Non-Animal Rennet. At only 1 net carb for three ample crisps, that’s a lot of bang for the low-carb buck.

In short, these babies are delicious. Absolutely delicious. Beyond fantastic and crossing entirely over quite possibly into food porn.You might have to smack yourself the moment dirty thoughts of rolling about in bed with a sleeve of these even enters into the equation.

Want to try these for yourself? You can find vendors through their site: Kitchen Table Bakers  or…

Kitchen Table Bakers has sent me a few products that I’m giving away to readers.

Want to score some? Just email me at, title your email “Crisp me, baby!”, and include your shipping address. On Saturday*, I’ll randomly draw four winners to each receive a container of Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Chips to try for yourself. Contest ends Friday at midnight.


Rules and caveats:

1. You must supply your home address to enter. Why? Because I don’t have time to track winners down to ship these. This is the way I’ve always run giveaways. Note that I immediately delete all information as soon as names are drawn, and all information is private. If you’re a winner, I delete your information as soon as packages are shipped. That’s how I operate, with the utmost respect to your privacy, but still in tune with my laziness in not having to track down your shipping information.

2. NO entires outside of the Continental US. It’s too expensive and a hassle.

Blog disclosure: Kitchen Table Bakers shipped me these crackers, both for the review and for this giveaway. This sample sent in no way changes the fact that the crackers, in fact, kick serious rear end. If they sucked, I’d tell you. And hell, I’m sending you some so you can try them yourselves. How’s that for disclosure? 

*edited because if it ends Friday at midnight, I can’t draw on Friday, too… I will ship the following Monday barring any emergencies.

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