Dessert Whipped Topping

 Topping to top all toppings

Love whipped topping but tired of your whipping cream breaking down?

Whipped Topping is amazing, but kevlar whipped topping that stands up even after an hour out of the refrigerator is even better! As a test, I’ve had mine in the fridge for a few days now, and the topping still hasn’t broken down as it usually does. The secret: xanthan gum.

Try this recipe for better than ever Whipped Topping that stands the test of time.

Dessert Whipped Topping

1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 Tbsp sweetener (or more to taste)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Whip all ingredients together until stiff peaks form. The added gum/s keep your topping stiffer longer.

Look at how stiff and hefty those peaks are.

Please feel free to use recipes at home for private use, but I ask you to only link to recipes online to keep me from competing with my efforts for page views. Thank you so much!
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  1. I really like to 'magic bullet' my xanthan and the sweetener before adding to the whipping…feels like easier/better dispersion. 😉

  2. where do you buy xanthan??

  3. cleochatra says

    You can find it online or usually in more whole foods/natural type stores!

  4. Is this recipe (revolooopsie) different from the reg oopsie recipe. Tried to track the revolooopsie recipe down, but the link isn't there. It says the broken link is fixed, but I get a 404 page not there or something like that. Thank you.

  5. cleochatra says

    Hi there! The Oopsie roll is here. Sorry about the broken links!

  6. OK thank you. So the revolooopsie is the same recipe. I thought maybe it was different. I made my first ooopsie today. They turned out great if I do say so myself. We will be having hamburgers for sure today. I put Italian seasoning in the batter..the smell was divine. Since I did ok with them, now I need to try sweet ones…yum. Thank you so much for your recipes.

  7. just came across this recipe today…and you mention xanthum gum in the directions, but I don’t see how much you should use in the ingredient list?

    • Skip the xanthan. You don’t really even need it. Cream on its own whips up fabulously! The xanthan (I’d use a tsp or less) helps it hold its shape slightly longer if you plan to store.

  8. Thanks for explaining that. I have used xanthan occasionally, but not often. But your explaination of using it if I plan to store makes sense.


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