Fridge Findin's

You never know what you’re going to find in the fridge sometimes. I’m ashamed to say I just tossed out a bratwurst, a bucket of lettuce and some strawberries that looked like the will to live had been sucked right out of them.

I found some frozen peppers that actually expired in September of last year in the freezer, but what the hell. That which doesn’t cause botulism makes your chest a little hairier.

We made turkey for Easter yesterday, and I found an andouille that I’d cooked a few days ago. I thought hey! Blog opportunity–I mean dinner.

I heated a medium pan with olive oil over medium heat. I cubed andouille and turkey (two great tastes that taste great together–both have a smokey quality). I tossed the meat and stirred every so often, adding pepper and salt. After the meat had heated, I removed it to a covered dish and tossed the frozen peppers and onions into the pan, stirring until heated.

I ended up with a fajita meal, garnished with cheese, black beans, fresh chopped tomato (found in the drawer) and some salsa.

It was perfect! For the high carb cretins in your household (kidding, kidding), you can serve rice as a side, but make it a condiment rather than the base.

Try swapping the meat for the rice in amount (meat under the rice instead of vice versa), and you’ll find your dinner guests are satisfied much more quickly and won’t be left hungry.

Of course, cauliflower rice is a great substitute as well.

Black beans are relatively low in carbohydrates and add a little texture and color to a dish. Stick to 1/4 cup for only 6 net carbs, and your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/pet will thank you later for not playing “shake the sheets”.

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