Hot Links of the Day

Bacon mug? Toast it with a hells to the yes.

Study supports obese teens find solace in more than World of Warcraft.  Reuters

Interview with Dr. Westman details differences between newest Atkins book and the 2002 version because people still don’t seem to get it.

Holy crap. This kid sings more melodiously than the bacon beer mug on my tongue. Arts Beat 

Lowes now extending its 10% discount to military to all year long, which has nothing to do with low carb. I’m just a cheap ho with a penchant for do it yourself projects. Paycheck Chronicles

Carl’s Jr coupon for a free water. I know, water is free. But this comes with a bottle. And a label. We’re talking high class. Click “Download a Coupon” next to “Low Carb It”. Carl’s Jr

Chat with hotness: Dr. Jeff Volek (coauthor of The New Atkins for A New You) and Colette Heimowitz will be leading a video discussion at 5pm EST today. Chat

 Facebookers. Become a fan o the Fage and get $1 off. FAGE Total Greek Yogurt

Two words for all of you lamers out there who can’t make mayonnaise that doesn’t taste like Dutch Boy paint (and yes, I’m talking to myself. Twice): Almond Mayonnaise 

Kelly the Kitchen Cop doesn’t want to cuff you, but she speaks off the cuff about the food pyramid.

Tom Naughton takes on the pricks. Fathead

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