How sweet it is!

 Nompf nompf nompf

While I am a super-fan of the many option available right now in terms of sweeteners, in order to help the most people while eating the least amount of cheesecake, I wanted to get a feel for how you bake.

The poll at the right will remain active for the next couple weeks.

Think about it: Which sweeteners do you use most when you bake that you’d like to see more recipes converted into? You may choose more than one answer, but please only pick the ones that you use (and love) most to help me out. Drop me a comment below if your choice isn’t listed.

In the meantime, I will be converting the cheesecake recipes to stevia and splenda for the requests I’ve had coming in. Stay tuned for those. They might not move heaven and earth, but over 30 ounces of dessert will minimally hurt if you drop it on your foot.

In the mean time, I’m working some more ideas for cheesecake, including five new flavors/styles. While it seems obsessive, I usually work through things while I have a process so that I don’t lose momentum. :^)

From the Lighter Side on this Friday, April 2, this is Jamie, cheesecakin’ out.

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