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Chocoperfection Dark Baking Chips

It's hard to know where to begin with these chocolate chips. Voted "Best Tasting Sugar Free Chocolate", Chocoperfection Dark Baking Chips certainly live up to its vote. These dainty little buttons of brevity and bling deliver the oohs and the ahhs, … [Read more...]

Chocolate Baking Substitutions

Don’t keep chocolate on hand? No worries! Thanks to brilliant mathy people like Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cake Bible, bakers have access to substitutions perfect for your recipes when you don’t keep that kind of chocolate collateral about the house. … [Read more...]

Smokin' Joe Jones No sugar Added Barbecue & Dippin' Sauce

Sometimes a thick, hearty barbecue sauce is necessary for those meats, smoky and soothing. Smokin' Joe Jones delivers the thick, the hearty and the tasty in the "no sugar added" sauce.The smoky undertones hit you after the initial twang of sweet … [Read more...]

Walden Farms Thick and Spicy Barbecue Sauce

For the first time ever, I'm jazzed about a Walden Farms product. After bad moments with the onion dip and then with the caramel dip, what made me take a chance on the Thick and Spicy Barbecue Sauce? Hope.With the amount of corn syrup found in many … [Read more...]


People wonder what the hell I'm doing over here on occasion (my husband usually wonders what the hell I'm doing. ever. It's the female mystery, guys. Embrace the madness).Am I food porn peddler, a burly chick standing on the street corner, thrusting … [Read more...]

Seven Minute Steak

Steak is already amazing, but why not accessorize? … [Read more...]

Hot Links of the Day

Bacon mug? Toast it with a hells to the yes. Study supports obese teens find solace in more than World of Warcraft.  ReutersInterview with Dr. Westman details differences between newest Atkins book and the 2002 version because people … [Read more...]

A little Atkins humor

by TLSoLC. … [Read more...]

Paleo Vegan Ice Cream

You don't have an ice cream maker, you're allergic to dairy, and you really want to be left alone. Now add that you've been eying those ripening bananas on the counter. Mope no more, Mr/Mrs McMopey. With just the perfect amount of fat, this tree … [Read more...]

McCormick Makes Low Carb Meal Planning Easier

McCormick.comHave beef in the fridge and don't know what to do with it? Thinking along the lines of a pork-based comfort food and need a kick to get those creative juices going before The Real Housewives of Discountess comes on?McCormick Foods … [Read more...]

Jerky: The Meat Cracker of Champions

Making your own beef jerky is perfection (recipe here). You know what you're getting when it's home made, but now you can also get more than you bargained for in the deal if you think of beef jerky in a new way. I make hamburger jerky fairly … [Read more...]

Strawberry Dessert Topping

It's the berries! Yeah yeah, we all grew up watching Strawberry Shortcake battle the Pie Man for dominion of all of her friends. Quotes like those are no-brainer greatest cartoon puns of all time. If you're looking for a strawberry sauce for any … [Read more...]

Splenda No-Bake Cheesecake

Pictured: In a shot glass with raspberry sauce and  ganache You have spoken and I have opened my no-heart to your hopes for a Splenda cheesecake conversion. … [Read more...]

Fridge Findin's

You never know what you're going to find in the fridge sometimes. I'm ashamed to say I just tossed out a bratwurst, a bucket of lettuce and some strawberries that looked like the will to live had been sucked right out of them. … [Read more...]

Stevia, how I love you, but…

 OK. Well. Maybe it's youDear stevia,I just made a major attempt to convert to your sweet embrace, and I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. I tried working with you in the kitchen today, and despite all of the solid research I attempted and the efforts … [Read more...]