Paleo Vegan Ice Cream

You don’t have an ice cream maker, you’re allergic to dairy, and you really want to be left alone. Now add that you’ve been eying those ripening bananas on the counter. Mope no more, Mr/Mrs McMopey. With just the perfect amount of fat, this tree fruit is simple to whip into a quick dairy dessert. On its own.

Add-ins could include coconut, berries, nuts, almond butter, seeds and other things/proteins you might have laying around your kitchen, but on its own the banana stands triumphant as well. (I added walnuts for a banana bread vibe).

Simply take a ripe banana, slice it and freeze for about an hour or until slices are frozen.

Place slices in a food processor or blender until creamy.

That’s it! Easy peasy and without the guilt. Three bananas netted roughly 1.5 cups of ice cream.

From the indubitably sessy people at the kitchn.

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