Smokin' Joe Jones No sugar Added Barbecue & Dippin' Sauce

Sometimes a thick, hearty barbecue sauce is necessary for those meats, smoky and soothing. Smokin’ Joe Jones delivers the thick, the hearty and the tasty in the “no sugar added” sauce.

The smoky undertones hit you after the initial twang of sweet mustard and cayenne for a savory sauce that grabs the meat and the taste buds and hangs on tight.

The thicker sauce can be thinned for greater mileage, and can be used with everything from a dip for sweet potato fries to marinating meats. My only concern is for the Natural Hickory Smoke Concentrate, since that might be an MSG trigger for those with a sensitivity, and caramel coloring tends to add a trace amount of carbohydrates.

This sauce is sweetened by sucralose, but the taste is virtually imperceptible. As a matter of fact, the picky people in the house preferred this barbecue sauce for its savory sweetness, and they’re recovering corn syrup (Famous Dave’s) addicts.The sweetness of the sucralose could be why the preference, but the texture also lends itself well to pouring without making a mess.

The wide mouth jar makes spooning out servings easy, but it also makes it more tempting to stick a ladle in there and eat more than you anticipated.

I predict I’ll be seeing this sauce on chicken, ribs, and more steak in our future.

Smokin’ Joe Jones No sugar Added Barbecue & Dippin’ SauceCost: $5.95 for 16.5 ounces (15 servings)
Carb/Calorie Count: 2 carbs/10 calories
Ingredients: Everything looks copacetic aside from the Natural Hickory Smoke Concentrate
Flavor: Twangy with sweet undertones
Texture: Thick consistency
Usefulness: For all meats for baking, roasting or as a side
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