The Lighter Side of Low Carb now partnering with The Low Carb Lolitas

The Lighter Side of Low Carb has, since 2007, delivered food along with food for thought, laughs, lunch, and a world of ‘just desserts’ (along with over 150 other recipes) to help nourish the body while making your day a little brighter.

Now, with nearly one million pageviews and over 200,000 readers, I started asking myself,  “Self, how can we bring this thing up a notch? What is the coolest possible next step ever?”

And after self told me I needed to pluck my eyebrows (I guess I was going a little bit boxwood shrubbery), I realized the most amazing thing would be to unite some of the coolest people on the planet together in order to help, entertain, educate, and support you even more, all while bringing you even better information, with varied voices to make your journey more like a group effort instead of the standard sole foray past the table-for-one near the mayonnaise section.

Enter: The Low Carb Lolitas. A collaborative effort of bodacious blogger babes, this (largely) girl’s guild is here to revolutionize the face of low carb. And while we might not tell you to pluck your eyebrows, we will continue to bring the goods in terms of information, entertainment, food, nutrition, fun and fitness in a format that we hope will bring even a little more lightness to your life.

So what does this mean for this blog, The Lighter Side of Low Carb? I am going to continue blogging at the Low Carb Lolitas website, and this blog resource will largely remain as a testament of hard efforts, some amazing food, and kick butt memories along the way.

I’ll still be delivering my fully fontal, normal fare at Lolitas, but the added benefit will be the voices who join in to sweeten the deal, including the self-proclaimed nerdlicious paleo-girl delight who is Kristen, along with some ferocious sassy sisters (and a few brothers). Think of it as a party with your favorite friends, only less socially awkward (I remember the dip incident).

And while I’ll miss this more intimate medium, and as a sentimentalist I still tend to leak tears during “Snoopy Come Home” I am thinking you’re going to love the new iteration. Besides, we still have Facebook where we visit daily!

So come on over, grab our feed, join our new Facebook and Twitter pages, and let’s get the party started!

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