There's an app for that… FoodEssentials Scanner

Ever wonder what might be lurking in those Toity Tots Toaster Pastries? Do you have allergies or aversions to certain foods? Want to avoid high fructose corn syrup?

Better yet, have you ever dreamed about playing with those supermarket scanners just to hear that delicious blip sound as you wave your UPC across the magic screen?

Now, for the first time ever, consumers can easily figure out which additives, allergens, ingredients and  nutrient properties any food product contains– right inside the store–and all by simply scanning food label barcodes with a new iPhone application from FoodEssentials.

With over 160,000 commercially available products and over 30,000 ingredients available, the scanning device scans product barcodes for an instant read, developers for the product aren’t content to sit on their laurels. ¨We’re dedicated to collecting product data for scans that return no results, so that the more it is used the better it’ll get,” says Dheeraj Patri, co-founder and COO.

With its intuitive technology users can:

Scan barcodes instantly in-store

View the label
Review ingredients
Customize labels
Run text searches
Build and manage a list of favorites
Keep a database of trigger ingredients
Share an “also known as” list

The feature I am digging? The ability to compare labels on the spot.

Selling for only $4.99 and in its second release, the software application promises future expansion of mobile platforms as well as greater functionality based on individual dietary needs.

Says Anton Xavier, CEO of FoodEssentials who co-founded the Chicago, Illinois based company in 2008,  ¨We’re focused on delivering a personalized label experience for anyone with an allergy, food intolerance or specific need.¨

And what’s more, it’s such hella cool technology, I know I’ll never make it out of the aisles.

(See their website for more information.)

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