Gluten-Free Waffles

It’s morning, and you’re looking for something to make which will appease the family. They’re making faces at the thought of eggs, and you want to have a little bit of fun.

Why not?

Gluten-free, induction-friendly, and easy to make, these waffles can be frozen post-cooking and reheated in a toaster later (watch the toaster, as these toast more quickly than conventional bread).

Placed before my taste-testers, this recipe was given a solid two thumbs up, even by the pickiest in the bunch.

Thanks to my friend luckiangel for this fantastic tweak to the gluten-free oopsies, and for showing that there are more than one ways to skin a healthy, fun breakfast.

Gluten-Free Waffles

6 eggs, separated
6 ounces of cream cheese
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
1 scoop vanilla protein powder*

Preheat waffle iron. Spray with non-stick coating (or oil-paint the plates with a pastry brush prior to heating).

In one bowl, beat egg whites with cream of tartar until stiff peaks form (about 3-5 minutes). In a separate bowl, mix yolks with cream cheese and protein powder until smooth. Add whites mixture to the yolks. With a long wooden spoon or long, metal iced tea spoon, carefully make a sine wave through the mixtures to blend them carefully. Turn bowl and repeat sine wave (You’re trying to just barely blend. More blending will naturally occur as you scoop to pour the batter).

Once the waffle iron is sufficiently heated, pour scant quarter-cup measuring cups with batter into the maker (don’t overdo it, or overflow may occur). Allow waffles to cook sufficiently. Four-six minutes for the first waffles, minimally, should be observed since they seem to need more time. DO NOT OPEN the waffle iron until the first waffles have had a chance to cook. It seems that after the first waffles, all others require closer to 4 minutes per waffle on average.

Serve immediately, or you can freeze and toast later (on a low setting).

Can be served with fresh, whipped cream.

Makes 12-14 belgian/rectangular waffles.

Nutritional information per 2 waffles (1/6 of recipe): Calories: 192, Carbohydrates (no fiber): 1.8 grams, Protein: 6 grams, Fat: 7.5 grams

*Regarding Protein Powders: I use Jay Robb’s Egg White Protein Powder. While more expensive, it is the only powder sweetened with Stevia (a natural herb). You can also use your favorite brand of protein powder, sweetened with Splenda.

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  1. Question: I was under the impression that Jay Robb powders were NOT gluten free? Are they?

  2. cleochatra says

    They're not soy free, but they're gluten free as far as I know (I don't do gluten)

  3. Jamie Price says

    I just made these this morning. They were terrific!! As with all of your oopsie recipes, it takes me a bit to get it right, but the last waffles that came out were perfect!! I put some chocolate chips into a few and my daughter ate them up. I have leftovers so I can't wait to toast them tomorrow morning and see how that turns out. I wonder if the chocolate protein powder would be good. I might try that for my daughter but I like these the way they are. I added cinnamon and a squirt of DiVincis sugar free syrup along with the protein powder.

  4. WhySayWhat says

    I use About Time protein powder (by SDC Nutrician), it has 25g Protein ad 0g Carbohydrates in the Vanilla flavors. I'm still waiting to try the Birthday Cake flavor, but I imagine those are wonderful! Anyway, as for ingredients go, it has Cold Pressed Ultra Micro-filtered Whey Isolate, Natural Flavors (anyone's guess here), Xanthum Gum, & Stevia. I don't know how long its been on the market, since I just recently "gave in" to looking for/using protein powders. The cost was the deciding factor for me when looking for a protein powder though, the local GNC here in Eastern WA only carried one brand and it was almost $70 for the single size tub of it! I just received my 2 lb. tub from SDC for just over $40!

    I hate sounding like a company rep, but as far as my research got me (and the $2.99 single-serving sample I got), the price and short ingredient list got me to try this one. The taste made me go back and spend the money on it! I just didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea about there only being one good Stevia sweetened protein powder!

  5. I love looking through your blog at old posts…i've made these before and they are SO yummy! These will be perfect for my mid-day snack at work!

  6. What kind of waffle iron do you have? I have looked at so many different kinds and don't know what kind makes the best…any suggestions! Thanks!

  7. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Hey Anthony!I just went with the cheaper waffle maker at Target.It's been fantastic! It also has the stuffed sandwich press, but I doubt I'll ever use it. It's like sandwich what??!

  8. We made these for dinner and was THRILLED!!!! They turned out beautiful. We found out that if you beat the egg whites and cream of tartar exactly 6 minutes your mixture will turn out right every time!! Thank you so much for these recipes that has opened up a whole new avenue for low carb living!!

  9. I want to make these soon, but where do I get the vanilla protein powder?


  10. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Hi there! You can generally but protein powder at WalMart, SuperTarget or grocery stores. It'll generally be with the vitamins and the supplements. I would avoid anything with aspartame since you're cooking the waffles and aspartame can go a bit funny in heat.

  11. Fantasticly yummy!

  12. OMg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used to make THE most scrumptious pecan and berry (blueberry or strawberry) pancakes ever (pre-LC days), but could easily see making these for our motley group.

    Have you ever tried them on a Belgian waffle iron ? Oh, to enjoy waffles again !!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO !!!

    PS: I hope the captcha goes through. My maths aren’t so good. LOL

  13. What is the texture like? I’m very curious, it couldn’t possibly be bready could it? Anyway, these look great and I will definitely give these a try sometime soon! I’ll bet they make excellent crepes as well, with thinned out batter…I plan on adding some lemon juice, splenda and whipped cream on top!

    • I think these are fairly bready–especially when they first come out of the waffle iron. As they have time to set they solidify, but they’re still nice and waffle-y. Is that even a word? Hmmm…

  14. I tried these last week on my belgium waffle maker. They came out beautiful & tasted amazing. I made bisquick one’s for the kid’s & this version for myself. The kids tried my waffles & preferred them over bisquick? WT?? Well I will be making these very often. On my way to the store to get the big JAR of Jay Robbs Vanilla Protein Powder afterwork. Hoping to find a good LC Fried/ breaded chicken recipe.. So I can make chicken & waffles…

    • That’s the kind of news I like to hear. Wow! Preferred the coconut waffles over Bisquick. What wise mortals those wee ones are. I am still working the fried chicken angle… Will let you know.

  15. Hi, I really want to try this waffle recipe, I bought a package of protein powder, not a tub. I don’t have a scoop, and don’t know the usual size, does anyone know the measurement? Thanks so much!

  16. Can you make these without protein powder?

    • Hi, Mrs. W! I would say you could, but you would likely want to incorporate some kind of coconut flour or flax seed meal into the batter. It seems to help add some heft.

  17. mamabeck says

    Thank you for such a great sounding recipe! (and thank you for putting printfriendly on your posts…sure does make it easy to add the recipes to my binder!)

  18. I just made these for breakfast and they are great! I sent my husband a picture and he said that’s not low carb! I said yes my dear it is and it’s delicious! I LOVE all of your yummy concoctions and your humor!

  19. if you were to add coconut flour to the mix in place of protien how much would you add?

  20. Made these this morning GREAT!!! a keeper for sure =-)

  21. Melissa Romano says

    Made these this morning and the taste is fantastic! Kids loved them. I had a real problem getting the cooking right though. I have a BIG Belgian waffle iron (the flip over kind) and I think maybe it was just too hot at first?? Even slathered with coconut oil, I had a hard time keeping them from sticking and cooking through to a crisp. The wells of my iron are very deep, and I’m thinking it may have just been too much for the batter to stand up to. Do you use a standard waffle iron or a deep Belgian style one? I found that the ones that worked best were those cooked on lowest temp setting, but then they took a long time and my kids were super impatient. The outcome, however, was that I wound up using the batter to make pancakes on the griddle while some of the waffles cooked in the iron and they were FANTASTIC.. Seriously the lightest, fluffiest pancake creations ever! Huge hit.

  22. Hi! We are new to the GF lifestyle, so I’ve been looking around recipes that will make it possible. When I found this site today, I was so excited! Thank you so much!

    One quick (probably obvious to everyone else) question about this recipe: can I use this same recipe to make pancakes? I don’t have a waffle iron and don’t really plan on buying one. I just don’t know how much everything changes for GF recipes.

    Thanks again!

  23. Hi, my protein powder didn’t come with a scoop, how big is a scoop? Thanks

  24. Holy Mother of Goodness! Once again, just one word to describe these… AMAZING! For several years now my protein powder of choice has been Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein (vanilla) and it was an excellent choice for this recipe. I have a low(er?) end round waffle maker from Target that hasn’t been getting a lot of love recently but that will now change. These were easy to make (I halved the recipe and got three complete “round” waffles), imparted an inviting aroma throughout the entire house and were among the best waffles I’ve EVER had. I can’t wait to attempt pancakes from this same recipe! I’m a huge fan of breakfast foods so making lots of DELICIOUS (which these are!) waffles and pancakes at a time and freezing them for a quick weekday meal is definitely the way to go.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you – a million times over!

  25. Do you use egg white or whey protein?


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