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Why I love scraper sites, part 3

There's nothing quite like scraper sites. Add the language barrier and small elves make cookie magic in trees.mmm... a convalescent sandwich. How about a little Catheter Cheese or IV Drip Drink with that? … [Read more...]

Picture of the day, for September 22, 2010

If you're wondering what's this screwery with me publishing some older articles, all recipes on the site are in the process of being reworked into a new format for easier use, with new images and better organization for an experience that will blow … [Read more...]

Confessions of a closet baker

Pie in the sky. Or on your plate. I have a confession: I am a secret bakestress. A 100% hidden hostess with more Wilton cake tips and baking implements than anyone would ever guess. I pore over petit fours, croon over custards, chase the perfect … [Read more...]

Cheap and Easy Crock Pot Roast Beef

The crock pot was never this snazzy growing up Food doesn't get much more delicious and prittay than this! I mean, hello No Brainer, when our lifestyle is comprised of healthy, whole foods, the colors of nature just leap out at you and smack … [Read more...]

Thursday lunch

Fall is almost here. Time to warm up to some crock pot cooking. As the air turns to crisp chill, who doesn't appreciate a little bit of leftover pot roast for lunch? The beauty of the crock pot is the ease in preparation, both for dinner and … [Read more...]

A plea to big corn

In the wake of some damning evidence that suggests high fructose corn syrup causes greater weight gain than sugar, I suppose I can see why you're looking to reinvent yourself. According to Science Daily, A Princeton University research team has … [Read more...]

Things you never expect to hear your kids say

Easy is when your child tells you they're running away from home to realize her dreams as part of the Trans Siberian Circus camel swallowers.Tough is when my nine year old walks in the door, flips her hair, thrusts her hip out with her little, … [Read more...]

You are the hotness because…

That's pretty hot. Source For a recent fan share, I asked you guys to tell me why you're the hotness. I mean, I know you guys could sizzle the pants off of the sun, but it's important for you to have to come to grips with your insane amazingness. … [Read more...]

The low carb family makeover

It's inevitable: You've discovered the fountain of youth located in a pork belly, and your husband and children give you the side eye because you've announced that potatoes have been replaced with cauliflower puree and the spaghetti is now spaghetti … [Read more...]

Fan Share winner for September 13, 2010

The winner of an amazing 6 weeks of counseling with Misty Humphrey of Free Healthy Diet Plans is:Sue M! Congratulations, Sue! Instructions for claiming your prize are coming today. … [Read more...]

Review: Ninja Master Prep

Phenomenal ninja powers. source My second blender had (literally) just gone up in smoke when we decided we were through with blenders for awhile. My first blender lasted for 20 second? Due to factory issues, it lasted a week. A … [Read more...]

Ten tips to tame those botched recipes

Ever botch a buttercake? Oopsed an oopsie roll? Cursed a cheesecake? Recipes don’t always live up to expectations. So what can you do when disaster strikes? … [Read more...]

When you share your food with a teen…

It only looks like a lot of eggs This is what happens when you make eggs for breakfast. You crack open four beautiful, white shells gleaming with the promise of steaming deliciousness, cook them with love... and return 10 minutes later find a cast … [Read more...]

Interview with a vamp: Misty from Free Healthy Diet Plans

Once over 200 pounds, Misty Humphrey’s new website is where this one-time larger than life dieter shares her lifestyle, experience and knowledge with readers. Offering counseling and coaching to those who could use an extra … [Read more...]

Contest Closed: Fan Share for September 8, 2010: Six week plan from Misty Humphrey!

The delicious and dainty darling of Free Healthy Diet Plans is offering six weeks of her services to a fan of Your Lighter Side! A $249 value, this plan and prize package includes:Diet Intake Evaluation & Recommendations 6 One Hour Phone Weight … [Read more...]