Confessions of a closet baker

Pie in the sky. Or on your plate.

I have a confession: I am a secret bakestress. A 100% hidden hostess with more Wilton cake tips and baking implements than anyone would ever guess. I pore over petit fours, croon over custards, chase the perfect cheesecake and toil over truffles.

Even though what fits most easily into my lifestyle are stews, meats, soups and side dishes, my hidden passion has always been baked goods and desserts. In fact, I harbor an inner dessert goddess, that napoleon Ninja who, while appreciating the amazingness that is sweet, is more interested in nailing textures and flavors than rolling around naked in cheesecake (though I’ve had a few crumbs show up in odd cleavage-y places).

Let’s be real: Desserts are pretty. They’re colorful and, in spite of themselves, you like to look at them. They’re eye candy. When done correctly, a little taste goes a long way, a single bite fulfilling the desires of even the most side eyeing aficionados.

You’ll be seeing some releases that might be surprising, coming from a low carb, mostly gluten free cook: cookies, cakes, pies, cheesecakes and other desserts will likely be making an appearance with greater frequency. Why? Two reasons: 1. I’m putting together recipes for the holidays; 2. for the kids, whether they’re yours–or you.

Dessert is fun. It’s flirty. It shows you a little ankle, and, when it’s low carb legal, you can slap your mouth with its goodness. And that’s what low carb is. Goodness.

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  1. MusicCityMama says

    Oh, I am soooo counting on you and your experiments. I'm a closet baker too and this is what I've missed the most with this woe. Viva la Jamie! (I think that means "you go girl" in some fancy language.)

  2. The House of Spirits says

    Can't wait to see your creations!

    I cook like crazy but never have been able to have any success in the bakery department – well, only when that department is in a store and I am BUYING. 😉

    Love your blog, looking forward to low-carb treats to forward to my BFF, who IS a fabu baker!

  3. Erica Gott, aka Erratica says

    Jamie, do you have a recipe for low carb meringue cookies? My daughter and I made some the 'normal' way yesterday, with 1/2 cup sugar per 2 egg whites (yikes, soooo sweet!).

    I've tried them with Splenda, but they gooey-ed up almost instantly. Did I just not beat them enough, or does the Splenda cause them to be different?

    Meringues are soo yummy!


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