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My second blender had (literally) just gone up in smoke when we decided we were through with blenders for awhile. My first blender lasted for 20 years…my second? Due to factory issues, it lasted a week. A week!  My one time confidence in blenders was now shaken like a pair of fake breasts on a coin operated vibrating motel bed.

My sweet baboo saw the Ninja Master Prep at Target and thought what the heck (I think there’s something about dudes and Ninjas). The two of us ended up laying down about 50 smackers on something I’ve ended up really liking…even after giving my husband the side eye. I mean, when you kill two blenders in a week, you’re looking for something that isn’t a POS.

Specs: The product comes with a 48 ounce pitcher with pour spout for mixing drinks, and a smaller, 2-cup chopper, perfect for making marinades and small bits of confetti slaw. The two sets of blades are super sharp (be careful if you’re hand washing) and make short work of maximum choppage. You’re also going to love the way the Ninja operates, since the lid provides the motor/power, operating only once it’s in place and the button is pressed.

Overall impressions:

Better than a blender: Unlike blenders, which have blades only in the bottom of the device, the Ninja, with two blades, makes quick work of ice and other items. The taller container boasts a pour spout which allows for easy drink distribution.

Worse than a blender: If you’re trying your luck making almond milk, horchata or other drinks where the solids fall to the bottom, you’re better off with with a blender. The Ninja misses what makes it to the bottom, since blades are higher up.

Better than a food processor: Super easy clean up and quicker processing, I use this more often than the food processor. It’s also far less heavy, which makes use simple. This product is also much cheaper than the $250 processors.

Worse than a food processor: With only one real function–pulse– you’re not looking at the full capabilities of a food processor. The bowls are also smaller, so it’s harder to process larger batches. Storage isn’t easy since there are a few components that tend to spread.

In the end, I give this mini machine of maximum ninjaness a thumbs up for its versatility, ease of cleaning and a price that makes being blenderless bliss and food processorless fine. I use it at least weekly and sometimes daily, so the real estate on my counter is worth it. One downfall: It’s not a silent, stealth machine. I scare the dog every time I use it. But what lengths will you go to for a smoothie? I mean really.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Price: $50
Baking, frostings, beverages, sauces, desserts, marinades, shaved ice
: None
Found at: Target and other stores

Disclosure: I bought this product on my own, and was not paid or sent a product to review.

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  1. they’re great i have one myself

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