Thursday lunch

Fall is almost here. Time to warm up to some crock pot cooking.

As the air turns to crisp chill, who doesn’t appreciate a little bit of leftover pot roast for lunch? The beauty of the crock pot is the ease in preparation, both for dinner and the next day. I made this pot roast last night, placed it in the refrigerator and then heated it again today in the crock pot for more deliciousness. It’s hard to believe this cut of beef was on manager’s special.

My entire family will enjoy two huge meals from less than $5 in ingredients.

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  1. Mmmmm. I love pot roast. My weirdos…er…kids…not so much. I'm thinking of disinheriting them. 😉 They are, however, fond of corned beef. 😀 I think that's what's for dinner tomorrow night. Crocked, of course.

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