When you share your food with a teen…

It only looks like a lot of eggs

This is what happens when you make eggs for breakfast. You crack open four beautiful, white shells gleaming with the promise of steaming deliciousness, cook them with love… and return 10 minutes later find a cast iron pan scattered with the last vestiges of a few, sad lonely crumbs of cooked, congealed chicken ova. And those are your crumbs. Happy breakfast.

It’s like lending the roll of toilet paper to the person in the neighboring stall, only they hand you back a  mumbled “sorry” and a toilet seat cover for your troubles. You grimace, remembering that no good deed goes without a “‘m I bad” or a lack of toilet paper.

Or egg leavings in the skillet.

Still you know you at least cared for someone else in the process. There’s something to that… right? Right?

In the case of eggs gone missing, there are ways to compensate. You grab the smallest plate you own (small plates make small food look larger) spinach and a couple of tomato orbs to cover the white space, hunker down and cover what’s left with a tablespoon of salsa (any more than that, and the eggs would disappear). In the world of toilet paper, grab your requisite squares and pass the rest.

It’s good to provide comfort and care for people. It’s also important to set aside what you need for sustenance. Whether it’s eggs, money, or time, you spend most of your day taking care of your boss, your kids, your spouse/partner and the stranger in the stall next door. In the process, don’t forget you. Stop putting aside your exercise, your creative eating and your healthy lifestyle and make some time for yourself.

If you’re not around, who’s there to eat the egg leavins? Who’s there to make those delicious, fluffy, coveted eggs in the first place?

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself in this life so that you can better take care of others–everyone will be happier that way.

And who knows? Maybe you can use (slightly) bigger plates.

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