You are the hotness because…

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For a recent fan share, I asked you guys to tell me why you’re the hotness. I mean, I know you guys could sizzle the pants off of the sun, but it’s important for you to have to come to grips with your insane amazingness. I’ve grabbed random hotness and have posted it here to share for inspiration.

Enter: Your hotness. The kind of hotness that makes Tennessee Williams play merely A cat on a fairly tepid, albeit not uncomfortable roof.

Tell me, Your Lighter Siders: Why are you the hotness?

I am a Low Carb Man, BABY! I have NOT gone off plan since I began on January 4th! –TD
It’s not easy being that hot, JD, but you wear it well. Work it!

I am the hotness because . . . I’m such a good cook my family is eating low-carb and doesn’t even know it!!!! –LM
Oh you sneaky deliciousness!

I am the hotness because I make your heart so light/ When the day is gray 
and ordinary/I can make the sun shine bright! /Happiness is bloomin’/
All around me/The daffoldils are smiling/  With the doves / 
When I hold your hand/ You feel so grand /Your heart starts beating / 
Like a big brass band –SS

 I am the hotness because tomorrow I am celebrating one year on Atkins!—WM
Happy Atkinsversary!

 I am the hotness because I’ve lost 45 pounds this year and I’ve been working hard to get my whole family eating healthier.—KT
Neither of those are any small feat! Way to make it happen.

I am the hotness because I have completed two marathons without walking at all! 🙂 –KF
I need a nap just reading this.

I am the hotness because I’m hard around the edges and soft to the touch. –MB

I am the hotness because my kids think I’m the greatest 🙂 –CT
And kids know this stuff, too. They’re honest to a face reddening fault.

I am the hotness because when I dance I feel like hotness! –MS
When I dance I look like I have hot flashes.

I’m finally taking steps to care for my emotional AND physical well-being. Hoping this one-two punch will lead to a thinner and happier me! –RC
Taking care of your hotness is the first in many steps leading to enlightened hotness.

How do I know that I’m the hotness?
Look at me… need you guess?
I will soon be sixty eight…
and though I am overweight…
When I dress up I look great
I believe- it is never too late.
I can’t say it any better than that.

I allowed a chocolate vendor send our company a huge chocolate bar & cookies as samples for corporate gifts and I only had a TINY piece of the chocolate. –PL
I’ve assaulted a Little Debbie truck for less than this.

……………….I’m 62 and still going strong, still working at working on me.—CS
And you’re worth that kind of hotness, times 10! Keep up the hard work. 

I am the hotness because in all the world there is no one who can look, feel, share and love like me.—JR
So true! Embrace that hotness.

I am fostering a litter of five two-week old orphaned kittens – bottle feeders! –KJ
You’re kitty cat hotness! Stay healthy for those frisky felines.

I am the hotness because I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan! Whoo HOO… Ok, so
it’s a ripoff of a 70’s commercial, but come on, you have to admit – BACON! –KC
You had me at bacon.

I am the hotness because my doctor told me I was a beautiful girl that needs to lose about 100 pounds and I believe him. –DT
You are a beautiful girl… with a prescription for hotness.

I am the hotness because I’m in my VFT (and still going down!). And YOU’re the hotness because you appear out of nowhere from time to time with awesome stuff in your blog. –BD
Score extra hotness for mentioning my hotness. I’m sticking around.

I get off my butt and try to make my life better everyday!—TJ
Amen! Keep those cheeks aired out for maximum fitness and hotness.

I am the hotness because – I want to be all that can be.  Just learning now in this journey and in life! 🙂 I cook pretty good too.. 🙂  — well just sayin.. –PO
That’s the kind of hotness that has me asking where’s my dinner invitation?

..I have never totally left a low carb woe, no matter how off track I’ve gotten. I’ve returned to it knowing it’s the only woe that truly works to control my blood sugar (to a totally normal level) and makes me feel good about myself! –AD
I feel good about your hotness, too. Way to go on blood sugar bodaciousness!

I am the hotness because I live in contentment, delight in activity, relish the movement of my body, savour the flavor of food, nourish my life with love, life, and light…and seek to guide others to find life in living. –LM
You’re the high priestess of hotness right there. I sacrifice virgin olive oil to your greatness.

I am the hotness because I lov

e myself regardless.  I am always awesome, even if my hair doesn’t look like how I want it, or I feel fat that day, but I embrace my beauty every day! –J
Honey, my hair went on strike after the Final Net summer of 1988. I love you, too, hotness.

I have one of the awesomest friends in the world (you know who you are!).  Oh, and my internal gorgeousness is trying to break through to the outside!—SV
Then I’m pretty hot for having you as my friend with your internal gorgeousness! Work!

Why are you the hotness? Share below.

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  1. I'm the hotness because my veggie-hating hubby now says he looooovves my broccoli. 😉 ~AW

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