Host your own low carb cheesecake bar

Don’t be tardy for this party

Oh no I di’unt! Oh yes, we did!

Game night is the night when we gather with some friends, the kids tag along, and we enjoy each other’s company while they beat the pants off of us– and, most importantly, when we can have some fun finger foods while they beat the pants off of us.

I decided to do something a little different for this evening, so I put together a fun cheesecake bar for the little kids (and the big kids) with different toppings as a do-it-yourself, fun dessert buffet. It’s easy to transport, since the cheesecakes set perfectly and the sauces and toppings travel simply by bag or container.

For the party cheesecakes you’ll notice a lack of a crust–you just don’t need it. These petite pleasures are literally peel, grab and go. Lack of crust also makes them more dairy-like (similar to the ice cream base of a sundae) and a little less nutty (and because you are what you eat, when could it be said I needed to be a little more nutty?).

I went with foil cupcake wrappers for two reasons: They tend to be nonstick, especially for crustless cheesecakes, and they’re freestanding, meaning you need not place the liners in cupcake pans to make the cakes hold their shape.

You can eat these pretties as formal as you please, or squoosh the toppings into it in a bowl for a real sundae mash up of delicious proportions.

On the menu:

Perfect Party Cheesecakes

Strawberry dessert sauce
Blueberry dessert sauce
Raspberry dessert sauce

Chopped Sugar Free Toffee Candies
Chopped Sugar Free Turtle Candies

Don’t forget:
Sugar Free Caramel Topping
Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup
Chopped nuts
Fresh whipped cream

As you can see, there’s one kid who couldn’t wait to try the bar. She went with the strawberries and Turtle topping.

Easy finger food

Will she like it? Well, what do you know– it’s a hit! So there you have it: a Sugar free party of pleasure, and it can be yours today for the low price of– well, whatever your store sells the ingredients for. But you have to admit: You just can’t buy smiles like these. Bake with love and your food will love you. Share and your friends will love you, too.


  • Have plenty of serving spoons and serving bowls on hand
  • Keep napkins nearby
  • Assist little ones
  • Take sauces in spill proof containers when traveling to keep messes at bay.
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