Review: Popped Cheese: Theater Style Cheddar Flavor

It’s nothing like popcorn

It’s an interesting idea. The curtain is raised and Popped Cheese: Theater Style Cheddar Flavor provides a popcorn style crunch for low carbers across the world who felt bereft of any snacking capabilities at the movies (or in the comfort of their own homes). A snack that, for only a carb per serving, would deliver flavors and texture similar to popcorn. And cut. Scene. Roll credits with inspirational duet pop tune. The audience stands, claps, wipes a tear of joy from collective eye corner.

A nice thought, right?

Unfortunately, that’s where the romance both begins and ends with Popped Cheese: Theater Style Cheddar Flavor.

I bought this product thinking it might be light and fluffy like popcorn (I mean, read the packaging. You’d think you’re scoring some light, popped cheese), or minimally like Cheetos-type products, only to find out it’s more like Cookie Crisp (see below) coated in cheese flavor.

Cooooookie crisp

The flavor is pretty contrived (hence the label “cheddar flavor”) and its dry, crunchy texture leaves a weird taste in my mouth. The product claims you can achieve a microwave type product by poking holes in the bag and microwaving. Unsure about melting plastic in a microwave, I popped a few sample pieces into a covered glass bowl instead. I will say this: It’s better warm than cold, but that’s not saying much.

And since an entire, tiny bag of the stuff is roughly 3.5 carbs (they claim only a carb per serving–but each serving is only five small pieces), you’re not getting much bang for the buck…erm, pop.

Long story short, if I had to cast this snack, it would be as Small Crunchy Addition. That is, if you purchase this product and dislike it as much as I have (as a snack and on its own), consider crumbling into slightly smaller pieces and sprinkle on a salad like croutons, or across soup for a crunchy addition to make the product more palatable. As dry as it is, any moisture can’t hurt, and added flavor, even from lettuce, is a welcome addition.

Want popcorn? I mean real popcorn? Like the kind to which they claim the product is similar? For roughly only 5.7 carbs per popped cup, go for the actual, air popped or microwave buttered popcorn instead and save your money for a tall drink instead. The added fat from real, delicious butter will help stave off any cravings and give the real thing staying power.

As it is, Popped Cheese: Theater Style Cheddar Flavor, with its appalling flavor and texture, is more likely to win an award at the Razzies than sashay down the red carpet as an Oscar hopeful.

Rating: ♥♥
Price: $2.39 for 1.7 ounce bag
Usefulness: Snacking, on salads (think croutons)
Negative: Not a terrific taste/texture, long list of ingredients, expensive for one serving.
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Disclosure: I purchased this product myself, and have received no remuneration in any way for this review.

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