Review: Steviva Blend

Steviva Blend (on the right). Finally I can bake with Stevia and not toss the results out.

Stevia can be right tricky in recipes, which is why I so rarely used it. Notice the past tense? That’s thanks in part to a new product called Steviva, making Stevia use in my baking more than wishful thinking. I was dubious since I’ve had more flops than successes using stevia in the past, but the ease of use of this product made it simple to substitute stevia for my usual erythritol/xylitol blend.

Steviva Blend combines erythritol with Stevia for perfect results in baking using natural sweeteners. Replacing sugar 2:1, each 1 pound package will keep you in baking desserts for some time without going winchester.

I tried the Steviva out on my Mini Mama Cheesecakes recipe, and I absolutely loved the flavor of those little delectable dollops of cheesecake righteousness. I’ve rarely had any kind luck (save for bad) with Stevia in a dessert, and Steviva made this possible. This is the first time a Stevia dessert made my cheesecake aficionado family lick its collective lips and return for seconds.

And because I’m also a bit of a tree fist bumper, I love that their fleet vehicles run on alternative fuel, that their manufacturing and office facilities run on renewable energy sources, and that they give a portion of their net profits to environmental concerns around the globe. (Whether you believe in global climate change or not, smart uses of resources is hella righteous.) The package is also resealable, meaning fresh product every time you use it.

Go ahead and enter your zip code at this link for a store near you and earn an instant 10% of of your next purchase on any of their products using their product code if you order online. Buying in bulk also saves you some green, which is always appreciated, especially when the price of Stevia can leave a little lump in your throat.

Let’s hope we can find this product locally in more stores so prices can become even more competitive. Until then, finally–A Stevia sweetener that passes muster here in the Jamie kitchens. After years of recipe/stevia fail, fail, fail, how sweet that success finally is.

Addendum: Special offer from Steviva for Lighter Side readers: Use the coupon code YLS in all caps and until November 13, 2010 receive 25% off the Steviva product line.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Price: $14.95 for 1 lb bag
Usefulness: Baking, frostings, beverages, sauces, desserts, marinades.
Negative: Could result in lack of bulk in recipes due to needing only half as much sweetener. Cost is somewhat prohibitive.
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Disclosure: This product was provided to me for review but hasn’t affected what I think of the stuff.

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  1. Luvanurse443 says

    Thanks for the review…I use a product called Z sweet…Stevia and eryth…pricey, but worth it for the better taste!


  1. […] powder recipe for a hefty crust that holds together, even in your hand. New stevia-based sweetener Steviva makes using stevia in baking so much simpler. I like simple.It leaves me more time to do things. […]

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