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My cauliflower recipe has gone mainstream!

While it's been circulating the internet for some time now, there's something about Dr. Oz picking up on your recipe to make you says, "Wow. I guess I've arrived!"Here is my recipe from February, 2008: Cauliflower Pizza CrustDr. Oz shout out: Segment … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday's Merciless Muscling

Team Bacon Meatless Monday. It's the phenomenon spreading across the blogosphere like Kim Kardashian in spanx on the red carpet. And it's now a global entity.The goal of their site? "To reduce meat consumption by 15% in order to improve personal … [Read more...]

Kimkins Court Documents–Closing Arguments

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Fan Share: Flatout Package Giveaway Winners

You wanted in on the nompf nompfiness and submitted some pretty fun responses to the entry. First things first. The winners! *drumroll*Congratulations to Claudine and Glory! Your addresses are being sent to the FlatOut office and your care packages … [Read more...]

Dear, Mrs. Smith; Flagstaff says your kid is fat

School systems: Parents the new Biggest Loser source So says a Flagstaff, Arizona school district who will begin sending home letters warning parents about their child's obesity. Story here There's nothing quite like having a school district … [Read more...]

CONTEST CLOSED: Fan Share: FlatOut Wrap Care Packages!

Featured Flat Out Recipe: Stuffed Pizza Loaf Please don't enter; this contest is now closed and items are in the process of being shipped. Thanks so much for entering and for your support. From, the mama who proudly wears combat boots because … [Read more...]

Fan Share: Laura's Lean Ground Beef Giveaway Winners

Another great way to use Laura's Lean Ground Beef: Mexican spaghetti squash bake. Congratulations to Victoria, June, Brenda and Maria! For your privacy: As I stated earlier, as always, I have deleted every email that wasn't a winner (I never open … [Read more...]

CONTEST CLOSED: Laura’s Lean Ground Beef Giveaway!

Laura's travels to school in mini tacos Please don't enter; this contest is now closed and items have been shipped. Thanks so much! From, The very cool person who runs this site. Me. Don't look at me that way. Laura's Lean Ground Beef is one of … [Read more...]

Product Review: Laura’s Lean Ground Beef

Lean Ground Beef chubs are packaged a little differently than the standard packs It's rarely I give a perfect rating to anything. RARELY. In fact, looking through reviews I've given in the last year, I give less five star ratings than days … [Read more...]