CONTEST CLOSED: Fan Share: FlatOut Wrap Care Packages!

Featured Flat Out Recipe: Stuffed Pizza Loaf
Please don’t enter; this contest is now closed and items are in the process of being shipped. Thanks so much for entering and for your support. From, the mama who proudly wears combat boots because they look hot.

Talk about being the luckiest chica in the entire world, I not only have the most amazing readers in the galaxy, I’ve recently had the pleasure and honor of working with FlatOut (the wrap hotties) when they featured one of my recipes on their site.

Above and beyond being featured, the company has very graciously offered two lucky readers a major care package of some of their most amazing products ever! How about winning your own FlatOut Wrap care package ($25 retail), including the following scrumptious products:

Flatout Light in:
  • Original
  • Italian Herb
  • Garden Spinach
  • Tomato

And then

  • Flatout Kidz, (lower carb)
  • 5 grain flax holdit bread, (lower carb)
That’s $25 in FlatOut products shipped straight to your door!

Want to enter? Well, natch, you do!
1. Please email with the title: FlatOut Fab!
2. In the body, leave your name and mailing address. The two winners’ information will be sent to FlatOut headquarters for shipping, and, as always, everyone else’s personal information is immediately deleted forever right after the drawing.

3. Choose one and paste to the email with your funny/thoughtful/clever response*:

1. FlatOut wraps have so changed the world that Congress enacted National Sandwich Wrap Day. I was so excited at the news, I put a FlatOut on my __________________________.

2. Airport security screening is now so telling, security was shocked to see I tried to smuggle my Flat Out Wrap in my _________________________.

Only readers in the contiguous 48 states may enter (sorry, anyone outside of the area!) and entries must be received by Sunday, November 14, at midnight, CST. *Two winners will be randomly drawn from all entries. I will definitely share some of your hilarious answers, but will protect your privacy at all costs. Remember: I treat your personal information as I would my elementary school daughter’s. I’m a mama bear and a half when it comes to you, too!

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