CONTEST CLOSED: Laura’s Lean Ground Beef Giveaway!

Laura’s travels to school in mini tacos

Please don’t enter; this contest is now closed and items have been shipped. Thanks so much! From, The very cool person who runs this site. Me. Don’t look at me that way.

Laura’s Lean Ground Beef is one of those rare companies I throw my full support behind because I so believe in their product, I’ve been personally using it for years. I’m no slouch when it comes to buying what tastes good, so finding something delicious in meat form is of absolute importance.

I use their lean ground grass fed beef for everything, have it my only 5-star product rating to date, and recommend it to friends and family with no trepidations whatsoever.

Now, close your eyes and picture puppies frolicking across rainbow kissed forest dales, ears flopping, and tongues lolling, ready to lick your face with unicorn sprinkles— that’s the kind of honor it is when you’re suddenly dialoguing with the Holy Grail of Grassfed… and they offer your fans freebies so you can enjoy their products, too!

So what do you say?

Want to win your own little bit of heaven? Laura’s has generously offered to me four certificates, each worth $20, to share with you!

The small details (they’re always small and detail-y):

To enter:
1. Sign up for Laura’s newsletter (and receive and instant $1 off coupon), and join their Facebook page or follow them at (this is us spreading the good word about a great company and cause).

2. Email and ask in the subject line “Where’s the beef?” and let me know which you joined (Facebook or Twitter) in the body of your email along with your name and home address.

Four winners will be drawn on Sunday night at midnight MST, and will be announced Monday, November 8, 2010!

Please note: This contest is open to US residents only; and please check your location on their site to make sure there’s a store nearby selling Laura’s Lean Beef!

Laura’s will send out winner’s certificates to you directly from their offices.

Because I’m as protective with your personal information as I am with my own children’s, I never in any way endanger your private, personal information. I never open emails you send for the contest save for the winners–and then only to contact winners and pass the information to Laura’s for winning certificate mailings. All emails are deleted immediately after the contest to protect you, and names are randomly drawn by myself and my kids (will work for food).

So what are you waiting for? Enter today for your chance to win literally pounds of precious grass fed beef! And spread the word. At no other time has it been more important to eat healthfully as it is now.

Live, love and lunch,


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