Dear, Mrs. Smith; Flagstaff says your kid is fat

School systems: Parents the new Biggest Loser source

So says a Flagstaff, Arizona school district who will begin sending home letters warning parents about their child’s obesity. Story here

There’s nothing quite like having a school district official (probably above their BMI) sending a letter when your child is deemed underweight, overweight or even marginally overweight, and includes “graphs showing a range of weights for a given age and height.”

Nice, right? Schools are so broke they can’t even issue textbooks and they have the time, inclination and money to send “Your kid’s a Butterball” letters.

Here’s an idea, Flagstaff: Why not serve healthy, low glycemic (nonwhite carb) foods in your cafeterias, nix the vending machines and stop cutting gym classes? Until you get it right, it’s hard to blame parents who largely take their cues from the school system.

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