My cauliflower recipe has gone mainstream!

While it’s been circulating the internet for some time now, there’s something about Dr. Oz picking up on your recipe to make you says, “Wow. I guess I’ve arrived!”

Here is my recipe from February, 2008: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Dr. Oz shout out: Segment with Cauliflower Recipe

Video here: Dr. Oz dieter shares how my recipe helped her to lose weight

So how about it? Have I arrived?

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  1. My friend, you arrived a long time ago They on the other hand are just catching up!

    Congratulations Jamie. You are a low carb force in the kitchen.

    It's time you know to put it in print……

  2. Yes – you are already Lite years ahead.
    Always were. You need a tv show or something.
    You've got that type of personality!
    Alas, lass, I know no celebrities.
    Or I would have already told them of your greatness.

  3. Woohoooo! Thats so awesome 🙂

  4. Heck I would sya that is for sure arrival and my kids would second that too. Making some soon as I get more cheese.

  5. greatgastrectomy says:

    I LOVE this recipe, by the way. I shared it with my readers in my newsletter and forgot to put the credits (I'm an idiot, I know) but will correct that in the next newsletter. I always list my sources so I'm not sure how I missed linking it.

    Anyway, as a post WLS patient who is on a low carb diet, that cauliflower pizza recipe was a life saver. I love it and it gets shared a lot on our Obesity Help forum.

  6. I just found your cauliflower pizza recipe last night (randomly happened across your blog) and I have to say the kudos are well deserved, it was DELICIOUS!!! Congrats and thank you for sharing it!

  7. I saw that episode and IMMEDIATELY thought of you! See, you have definitely arrived because you have stalkers. 🙂

  8. The Flying Squirrel says:

    Jamie you are class act! I love this blog post .. and you are a CauliQueen if ever there was one!


    Pauline (Tada!)

  9. Kicking Carbs says:

    That's awesome!



  10. Sincerest congratulations! You deserve the recognition – you earned it. Kudos!

  11. I sent Dr. Oz a note telling them that they need to give you credit for your cauliflower pizza recipe! It's a staple in our house now (along w/ many other of your yummy recipes). I discovered your site over a year ago and am very thankful. Thank you Jamie! Tammy

  12. LOL Jamie – Good for you! 🙂

  13. MemoryKeeper says:

    That is awesome news! I'm going to try this recipe. Half the fun of doing low carb is seeing the creativity in people. Found you at Linda's site, and I think your blog totally rocks!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Easy Custom Blogs

  14. Love your blog!!! Also have a recipe blog, as well. Good to hear from you on Examiner community posts!
    Following you now!!

  15. Yep you arrived a long time ago, they really are just catching you up!!! You are the cauliflower pizza queen!!!
    I first made it 15th April '08 I know the date coz I raved on my blog about it… I love to serve the breadsticks with a blue cheese dressing!!!

  16. What wonderful and delicious recipes you have here. I have a low carb site that I also author. Looks like we may have a lot in common. Thank you so much for the follow, and as always you can count on me to follow back and leave return comments as well.
    Have a great day, night, evening, morning,

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