Product Review: Laura’s Lean Ground Beef

Lean Ground Beef chubs are packaged a little differently than the standard packs

It’s rarely I give a perfect rating to anything. RARELY. In fact, looking through reviews I’ve given in the last year, I give less five star ratings than days ahead for Lindsay Lohan without her SCRAM bracelet. I’m that picky a female when it comes to what we’re eating as a family. With four kids and a husband, it’s important to feed them not only what they’ll eat, but food that is both healthy and filling to boot.

Thus, the curtain is drawn and the harps of angels in heaven ring out when we discovered Laura’s grass fed ground beef and moved away from the standard corn fed fare available in chub packs and wraps across the country.

Just in quality and taste, this was like moving from the cheap soy burgers of middle school in the 80’s (I eschew you, legwarmer lunches!) and into gourmet foods of the millennium. We’re so spoiled by this beef that we don’t import fast food burgers from most joints anymore since we know the burgers we’re enjoying at home far exceed what we could find in any restaurant–and for a cost savings.

Adding to this the benefits of mostly grass fed, from more Omega-3’s from grass fed to healthier cows eating their natural grass food source , and you’re tasting the healthy difference in a very real way.

We use this beef for everything from sliders, to meatloaf, to cheeseburgers, to meat sauce, to stews, to chili, to even my three layered meat Birthday cake this year (see a more extensive list below). I’d cover my body in it and go out like Lady Gaga but there’s not enough beef in my freezer and my kids would never speak to me again.

I go for the higher fat content (8%) ground beef, because to me it’s the best tasting and has the most amazing consistency (I founded the bacon fan club), but the 4% is absolutely fabulous for folks looking to watch their waistlines by cutting fat as well.

And while the price tag might be a bit hefty (in some places it’s upwards of $6.99/pound), you can often find a deal by looking for their chub packs, visiting superstores like Target, and by looking for local buy one, get one free offers in stores. I know in Denver, every other month, our local Kroger affiliates offer the BOGO deal. I go and literally fill the cart (and my freezer) for only $3.50/pound. (Make sure to bag prior to freezing to help stave off freezer burn).

My freezer of meaty lusciousness after the last BOGO:

Filled with Laura’s Lean round beef: Sexiest freezer ever

Hello? Hello freezer goodness? This is Jamie calling. Unfurl your beef! And note the little red light in the freezer? That’s our meat red light district of lusciousness, and it’s all 100% legal. OK, well the bulb burned out and we only had a red light, but it works and I’m sticking with it.

Laura’s: You haven’t seen that much deliciousness since George Clooney posed for pictures. In anything.

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Try these recipes using Lauras: by checking out my meats page for beef recipes!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price: $5.99/pound varies by area, store and product
Usefulness: In any ground beef recipe
Negative: Lack of location in some parts of the country, cost occasionally
Store locator: (Insert zip code top center to locate nearby stores)

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  1. Christina says

    Read the Laura’s website information carefully! While the company does have organic, grass-fed cows, Laura’s Lean Ground Beef is not organic or grass fed. It is hormone and antibiotic free. It’s a nice “in between” for people trying to eat healthier but aren’t in a position to buy more expensive organic offerings.

  2. mewgirl723 says

    How are you talking about benefits (which, rather then “benefits”, are actually just the natural things we should be getting i.e. lack of settlements) ofngrass-fed beef then go on to say that Laura’s beef which is not grass-fed and is even given soy!, is “perfect”?


  1. […] I love grass-fed beef. Always a regular buyer of Laura’s Lean Beef (ground, grass-fed, 92%) for years, when the company asks for a review, I give it–gladly. In fact, this isn’t my first waltz with Laura’s Lean Ground Beef (read my review from 2010 here). […]

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