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Low carb success story of splendulescence: Meet Krystina

Krystina really rocks low carb and her new look.One of the best things about being so active in the low carb community is meeting so many amazing people who have worked their hardest to accomplish some splendulescent things (Yes. I said … [Read more...]

Sunday. The results of gluten/wheat reintroduction

Apple girl! Well, yesterday (Saturday) everyone was gluten free save for the dinner we had later that evening to celebrate my sweet baboo's Birthday a little bit late (he graciously put off eating any gluten for two weeks in order to … [Read more...]

Day 9 Gluten Free: Friday!

Pictured: These breadsticks are gluten free. Today is the last day before I reintroduce wheat back into the family's diet for a day. In order for the experiment to work, everyone is going to eat one, vast, gluten based meal tomorrow to adequately … [Read more...]

Thursday bento, windbreakers, and gluten free diary, day 11

  Low carb bento Bento This is a super fun way to pack your lunches or practice portion control when you're in need of some nourishment while you're on the go. Like a go-goer in your van-go. The lunch above is obviously … [Read more...]

Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday… and… and…

Gluten free pizza crust recipe Absolutely fabulous Greetings! Last week was teh suck, so I took a couple of days off to roll into a fetal ball and suck my thumb for a while. Thankfully a friend called and we talked for over two hours! I love … [Read more...]

Krista’s Terrific Tiramisu

I just received the most righteous email from a friend from Pittsburgh named Krista. I started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago after seeing on Tom Naughton's blog (  Your recipes are fantastic!! Yum Yum! Pizza on low … [Read more...]

Wednesday: Spreadsheets and day three of gluten free dining

Chicken/cheese nacho chips recipe Spreadsheets I am taking so many vitamins and supplements right now I have to keep them on a spreadsheet or I'll lose track. This is what happens when you're trying to undo years of the Standard American Diet … [Read more...]

Stuffed Chicken Parmesan

I wasn't drunk. I was going for angle drama. This Parmesan crusted and stuffed chicken breast is pounded flat and rolled instead of folded for added dimension. That sounds like a violent way to treat a chicken, but it's dangerously delicious, too.My … [Read more...]

Tuesday: I’m a breast girl, addicted to Intervention and gluten free diary, day two

Dinner last night: Enchiladas Thighs or Breasts? I recently found out that Chipotle uses chicken thighs in their chicken dishes. Up until now, I had been using chicken breasts out of habit. they're just easy to cook and repurpose. Last night … [Read more...]

Monday: Weigh Down, my toe and gluten diary, day one

OK. Not exactly the same kind of GABA. Copyright Magic Store Productions Weigh Down I have rededicated to low carb this week with simpler eating. The result? I'm down three more pounds, for a total of 8 pounds since the first of the year! Not … [Read more...]

Just a reminder of all of the amazing things you can enjoy…

... with a lower glycemic/lower carb lifestyle. Welcome to 2011 and healthier choices! Check my recipes link up top for over 150 recipes, most of which are 5 carbs or less per serving, and thanks for your support. Together we change the world, … [Read more...]

Part two: Preparing for your wheat fast

Continued from Part One: Eradicating Wheat and Gluten You've grown up with wheat. It's part of everyday life. It's in everything. Unfortunately, it could also be the reason for the symptoms you're experiencing and possibly causing other health … [Read more...]

Eradicating wheat and gluten from your lifestyle: part one

Wheat is grass. From Wikipedia commons First, a quick quiz: Do you sneeze when you mow the lawn? Are you allergic to hay or straw? Do you feel lethargic after consuming any wheat product? Do you develop congestion, runny nose, a sore … [Read more...]

Loaded Andouille

Load it up! I absolutely love andouille, a sausage that originally hails from France, but is now thankfully readily found in grocers' cases near hot dogs and brats (Saag's and Aidell's are two brands I use). … [Read more...]

Napkins, Atkins, what's the difference?

[Read more...]